2019 Match Results

Congrats to ALL our M4s on matching with their FIRST CHOICE Residencies!!

Michael Marshall Pathology Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, MA
Ozoagu Okonkwo Internal Medicine Tripler Army Hospital Honolulu, HI
Erin Shanker Internal Medicine University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago, IL
Andrew Widmer Child Neurology Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Cincinnati, OH
Reid Wilkening Pediatrics University of Colorado Aurora, CO
Jenny Zhang Psychiatry Northwestern University Chicago, IL

For more info (research interests, PhD thesis topics, etc) about our amazing M4s, you can visit the Current Students page of the official MSTP website hosted by the UIC College of Medicine.

From the Archives

A glorious student-made promo video featuring the following (in order of appearance):

  • Lila Glotfelty, MD, PhD (graduated 2014)
  • Matthew MacDougall (now G5)
  • Matthew Durst (now G5)
  • Evan Kyzar (now M3)


great looking group of MSTPs and +1s at the annual Holiday Party. Thank you again to our gracious hosts, Jenny and Ken!



Inter-MSTP Whirlyball with UIC, UChicago, and Northwestern!!!



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