Clinical Correlations

Students in the graduate phase of training are technically required to complete a minimum of 80 hrs of clinical correlations (20 hrs per semester for 4 semesters). To assist in this, SAC offers various resources to help students complete this requirement and maintain their clinical skills.

Miles Square Health Center (MSHC)

SAC has recently fostered a collaboration with the Miles Square Health Center to provide students with a venue to practice in a primary care setting with underserved patients. The main clinic is conveniently located within walking distance from campus. Additionally, the Back of the Yards location is available to students wishing to practice in a primarily Spanish-speaking population. Please see the presentation or the GoogleDoc below for more information. Sign-ups may also be found in the GoogleDoc. Please read all directions carefully, adhering to deadlines and allowing graduate students first choice of available spots.



Contact Jane at if you need access to the GoogleDoc.

Specialty Clinician Database

SAC is working on creating a database of specialty clinicians amenable to mentoring medical students. Please see the MSTP GoogleDrive for the most recent list or to add to it. Additionally, see the COM’s list of specialty physician career advisors.

Back to the Clinics

As a tradition, rising M4 MSTP students have taken time out of their busy schedules to organize a clinical refresher for the rising M3s the summer before the fall semester begins. Interested M4s should contact Julie and previous organizers for information and resources; rising M3s, be on the look out for an email!


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