Resources and Info

MSTP Resources

Every UIC MSTP student should have access to the UIC MSTP Drive and Calendar. If you do not have access or are not sure if you have full access email your SAC president.

Please feel free to bring up any concerns or comments to SAC or any of our students!

Additional Resources

General Info by Year:


Quick Sheets were created to provide handbook information to students of all levels in a concise, one-page format. Please select your year below and check out the General Info Quick Sheet as well! Feedback would be greatly appreciated, especially concerning graduate department requirements!

GeneralQuickSheet Jul2015Final

M1QuickSheet Jul15Final

M2QuickSheet Jul15Final

GQuickSheet Aug15Final

M3M4QuickSheet Jul15Final

Help with Taxes:

TaxQuickSheet Mar16Final by Matt Durst 2016

Do you have a question about funding and grant applications?

Check out the MSTP Drive.


To provide feedback on any of the documents above, please visit the SAC feedback page and submit a comment.

COM Resources

Please see the COM All-Student Handbook created by OSA.


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